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Casual Dining: Eat the Street (Theme: Spicy)







If you’re ever looking for the hottest, latest, greatest hangout with awesome food (themed)…eat the street is the place! It all happens in a Kakaako parking lot, with high up bright lights and music from the music stations like 100.3. 

I feel like I’m back in college again…except the party’s outdoor with music (and some eye candy), but short of the bumping and grinding…ono!  Everybody and their dog is here!  What a nice way to end the work week!  Pau Hana!

I will need to try the malasada burger that everyone is raving about, next time….for now, talk about broke the mouth!  No…literally, my mouth is on fire.  Can you say spicy? 

I like how they have recycle stations there too! How environmentally conscious!

Need to find the food trucks other than Eat the Street? Click here


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